Yacht excursions to Capri

A cruise by yacht around Capri, the enchanting and glamorous island, is a must-do experience, a full immersion in the naturalistic hearth of the island

Enjoy Capri aboard our luxury yachts. Discovering its beauties will be an exciting experience. You will cruise around the island in total relaxation. Not only will we be your crew but also your guide to discover the naturalistic beauties of the coast. During the cruise we will anchor in the most beautiful spots so you can swim, snorkel and enjoy the yacht.

Capri yacht charter

Capri Island

Capri is a limestone island, subject to erosion and rich in caves and spectacular reefs.
During the cruise it is possible to admire many natural wonders.

Capri yacht charter

As soon as you leave the port of Marina Grande, proceeding eastwards, the Monte di Tiberio with its huge cave takes your breath away.

Not far away, there is the Bay of Matermania with the White Cave so called for the white limestone sediments, the suggestive stalactites and stalagmites, and the Natural arch which overlooks the cove. This is a fantastic spot where to drop the anchor and have a swim.

Faraglioni Rocks

One of the main attractions are the Faraglioni Rocks with their natural tunnel, the perfect view for a toast.
Toasting in front of Faraglioni Rocks restores the spirit.
Faraglioni Roks, Capri

Following, the Bay of Marina Piccola surmounted by the Grotta del Castiglione and, at sea level, several caves where it possible to enter by swimming, like Grotta della Fenestrella and Grotta dei Marinai. Marina Piccola is the main anchorage of the island, the perfect place for a lunch immerged in a wonderful landscape, on board or in one of the renowned beach club with restaurant.

Another impressive cave is the Green Grotto where the sunlight reflects on the white sand of the seabed giving to the water a glowing turquoise color. The most famous cave of Capri is the Blue Grotto, a magnificent natural “cathedral”. The sunlight enters through a natural underwater opening, creating the incredible light blue tint for which the cave is famed. It is possible to visit the Blue Grotto thanks to special small boats rowed by local guides able to enter the little entrance.

Our crew will make you spend an unforgettable cruise around the marvelous Capri Island, swimming and snorkeling in its limpid waters, admiring its majestic ridges and relaxing in the sun.

Our yachts are fully equipped and can accommodate up to 12 passengers. We offer charter leisure crafts fully authorized and insured, manned by a professional crew (STCW).

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Snorkeling in Nerano, Amalfi Coast
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