Positano yacht tour

A yacht trip to Positano

Positano, your dream vacation. Why to wrong those who say it?

Amalfi Coast yacht charter

Astolphe De Custine wrote: “only the sea is horizontal, here”, everything else goes climbing vertically the rocky coast, among Mediterranean bush, stairs, alleys and view points in a scenery of churches, towers and beaches facing the turquoise sea.

We are on the border line between the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast.

If you are on holiday in Positano, do not miss any of its beautiful monuments.

And if you are staying near here, you must come and see it, better via sea in a unique experience to remember.

Thanks to Sorrento Holiday Charter you will be able to decide to get to this lovely place by yacht.

The departure is guaranteed from every single tourist point of the Gulf of Naples, Sorrentine Peninsula or Amalfi Coast, both by day or by night, with every comfort you may wish on board.

Our yachts, with a slender and never excessive line, are very suitable for sailing near the coast, close to the restricted access areas of the marine reserve and never invading its borders.

They will offer you: sunbathing on deck, bedrooms, air conditioning, kitchen, WI-FI service, possibility of visiting all the coastal towns. Among them, in fact, also Positano.

Wait no more, book now your yacht tour!

So you will be able to explore the wonderful places along the Coast without stress, sure that the professionalism and kindness of our crew will help you to have a very nice trip.

What to see in Positano

Sailing along the coast, while approaching Positano, you will immediately admire the view of this spectacular town, which seems to literally cling to the rock above and with its colourfull houses around the beach gives you a beautiful warm embrace.

Once in town you shall visit the monuments both on your own or with the help of a tourist guide we could book for you, on request.

You will admire: old churches as Santa Maria Assunta, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Santissimo Rosario, the newest and new-gothic one, Santa Caterina; the towers, as well: the ancient Torre Sponda, Torre Trasita, Torre Fornillo and Torre Renzo.

Do not miss the MAR (Roman Archaeological Museum), set under the church of Maria Assunta, inside the ancient Roman crypts where many objects of the Empire’s age are collected.

Visit Positano by yacht

Sailing by our yachts, you can complete your visit to Positano and admire the small archipelago called Li Galli, on which another defensive tower (on the island called Gallo Lungo) rises.

If you want, you can dive in the allowed areas thanks to the contacts we will provide you with the local Diving Centres. Otherwise, you can sunbathe calmly, perhaps sipping a good drink, and decide if and when to dive to admire the seabed of this coast in complete autonomy.

Your holiday cradled by the waves of the sea will remain unforgettable as these places are unforgettable, and having the privilege of seeing them from the sea is not for everyone.

A guided tour along the streets and squares that you have seen gradually approaching from our yacht is like a dream that is realized slowly, and thus it will seem even more exciting.

Reach Positano by yacht

Snorkeling Sorrento

Relax, you are in good hands

We’ll welcome you to a world of sea, flavours and passion.

Sorrento Coast by yacht

Give yourself a pleasant emotion

Change your point of view, explore our unique land from the sea.

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