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Amalfi Coast yacht charter

Yacht does not mean a multi-storey sailing ship nor a big boat hiding the horizon: it can be just a comfortable boat, modern line, all the comforts you need and able to sail without giving you seasickness.

Our medium-sized yachts are fast on the waves and well equipped inside.

They can sail by day and by night, do offer every technological device and with the WI-FI you will share the emotions of your holiday while lying on your cosy bed, or on the boat’s deck, or on a sofa, waiting for your meal to be served by our cook.

You will get to Capri with a relaxed mind and discovering its beauties will thus be even a more exciting experience.

Capri is a dream at hand, you can see it there, clear, beautiful, off the Sorrentine Peninsula and imagine the movement of beautiful people that fills it in every season.

In the summer this island is a paradise for VIPs, sun-kissing scandals and paparazzi.

But in every season it is the favorite destination for all the tourists in the world who have admired it on a postcard, on the web, or only in the their imagination.

Islands can be reached by sea, and this is nothing new of course, but if you want to give yourself a unique experience for a trip, different from the usual hydrofoil or ferry-boat, book with us of Sorrento Holiday Charter a boat tour to Capri on one of our yacht.

Wait no more, book now your yacht tour!

So you will be able to explore the wonderful places along the Coast without stress, sure that the professionalism and kindness of our crew will help you to have a very nice trip.

The beauty of Capri

You say Capri and everyone thinks of the white and beautiful rocks that emerge from the water.

And if you can admire these high rocky shapes up close, thanks to the navigation of our yachts, once landed you can easily devote yourself to discover other fascinating monuments of the island.

The ancient Romans loved it, as evidenced by the testimonies of the Villa di Augusto or Villa Jovis. Another type of villa, but equally interesting, is instead Villa San Michele: the building stands on the ruins of an ancient Roman house, near a small medieval chapel, and is spread over several levels with a complex but very romantic architecture.

Do not miss the view from Belvedere Tragara, nor a nice walk through Anacapri streets. Try the chair-lift that will take you up to Mt. Solaro, or the paths that will lead you, also via land, to the stunning Blue Grotto.

Live Capri comfortably

Capri is a “piece of Sorrentine Peninsula” that has gradually detached itself from the mainland and today looks splendid and austere in its isolation.

Thanks to our yacht trips and our guided tours booking service you shall not work hard to organize your Capri holiday.

We will suggest what to do on the island, or on our yacht, or along the coast: diving, swimming, seabeds photos. You will also have some nice advice on what to eat, among the best recipes of the island.

Before stopping in Capri we will take you to discover the clear waters of Nerano, which are the best local natural monument.

Reach Capri by yacht

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We’ll welcome you to a world of sea, flavours and passion.

Sorrento Coast by yacht

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Change your point of view, explore our unique land from the sea.

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